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Under normal circumstances I would have never ever ever ever shipped  Saga and Aphrodite ‘cause, c’mon! they don’t even share a frame in the whole show! BUT, for a very random reason they ended up having the most poisonous and damaging (and absurd) relationship in our College AU “”“”“orz I feel so ashamed

Modern Hades’ surplices for them!

That’s it… I can die happy now… T____T

The Details I forgot to post here… >_<’ 

I’m thinking about doing some posters of it in the future. :3

OH, something else I forgot to say.
We’re doing a Saint Seiya Collab here in Brazil with lots of different artists and each has to do an art of a character from the Classical Series. 

I got Virgo Shaka to do! XD
I’m already nervous because I’ve never drew his Cloth before… @__@’
(Anyway, every Saint Seiya’s Cloth is a pain in the @$$ to dot! XD)

See ya! :)